EastEnders spoilers. Frightened Zack opens up to Sam about his HIV diagnosis

Sam once more becomes a buddy to Zack. (Image: BBC)

It is understandable that Zack Hudson (James Farrar) has had difficulties since receiving his HIV diagnosis on EastEnders.

As Zack tries to come to grips with his life-changing discovery, the plot has seen him spiral out of control starting when his old friend Brett (Fabrizio Santino) came.

Zack’s change in demeanour has alarmed his friends and family, particularly his former sweetheart Sam, who he hasn’t been able to speak about (Kim Medcalf).

Up next, Whitney (Shona McGarty) wonders why Zack won’t be there for his child after Zack tries to aid her covertly by asking Kat (Jessie Wallace) to give her the buggy she needs without revealing he bought it.

Later, at Peggy’s, Zack worries about Sam’s decision to stay in Walford and considers whether her stress may have caused him to do so.

Sam becomes more suspicious when Zack tries to go further but speaks too much.

Sam realises the SMS from the GUM (sexual health) clinic was about Zack after putting two and two together, which causes Zack to disclose his HIV test result.

The following day, Zack confides in Sam that he is experiencing intense guilt and is scared of the stigma associated with HIV.

Sam wonders how she can be there for him, but when she finds out that Zack hasn’t picked up his medication, she becomes enraged and tells him to be honest with Whitney.

Will he, though?

The diagnosis of Edward’s Syndrome in Whitney and Zack’s unborn child has recently been confirmed by EastEnders.

The diagnosis is given to Whitney the next month after an ultrasound scan reveals a birth abnormality and requires additional testing.

The show is collaborating with SOFT UK and Antenatal Results and Choices to delicately portray the difficult choices that prospective parents must make after receiving a diagnosis of Edwards syndrome while accurately reflecting the condition and raising awareness of it.

Here are responses to frequently asked questions, myths, and misconceptions about HIV and Zack’s experience.

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