Emmerdale star. Jessie Elland teases the identity of Chloe’s villain dad

Chloe was first presented to us as Sarah’s heart donor’s sister (Picture: ITV)

Questions regarding Chloe’s father were unavoidably raised as it was shockingly revealed that Kerry (Laura Norton), who left Emmerdale last year, was Chloe’s mother.

We are aware that Kerry seemed to know a lot about the mansion’s mobster owner—who also happened to be Chloe’s father—when she was employed there as a cleaner.

We are aware of his potential for evil, yet there has been conjecture over his identity and the possibility that he could be someone we have already encountered. Perhaps like Caleb (William Ash)?

Jessie Elland is keeping her cards close to her breast if she knows who the father of her character is.

She told us, “I’m just as excited as everyone else to see what happens with that one, so we’ll just have to wait and see together,” acknowledging that she is eager to see Chloe’s dad reintegrate into her life.

Although she wasn’t sure whether they would, she thought it would be a really intriguing direction to take. “Who is your dad?” is the first question everyone has for me. When will we meet your father?

Kerry left the village due to her sadness over Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) and Laura Norton’s maternity leave just as Chloe was beginning to understand that Kerry was her birth mother. Kerry is about to come back, and Chloe

Chloe has been forced to manage her pregnancy alone after her sister Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) first turned her down.

Chloe has had to be self-reliant and tough, but Jessie revealed that what she really craves is a family.

She asserted, “I believe she’s been looking for it the entire time, found it with Kerry, and then that was ripped away from her.” I believe that she saw this baby as a chance to build that for herself. So, I believe she will make a good mother. I believe that Chloe’s primary desires were to belong and be desired.

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