Coronation Street star. Antony Cotton reveals Sean genuinely believes Laurence will kill him

Sean begins to think Laurence is actually dangerous (Picture: ITV)

In upcoming Coronation Street episodes, a former partner of Laurence tells Todd (Gareth Pierce) that he suspects Laurence killed his wife by pushing her down a mountain. This makes a brief vacation for Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) and Laurence (Robert Shaw Cameron) to a mountainous area sound like a bad idea.

Todd is quick to alert Sean about what he’s discovered, but as Antony Cotton stated to us, at first Sean isn’t ready to believe him.

“From a dramatic perspective, this is a typical case of the child who cried wolf; Todd has spoken everything about Laurence that he could possibly say out loud, but there will always be that one moment.”

When Sean is left alone, Antony remarked, “Sean starts to ponder about what Todd has said about how Laurence’s wife has died.”

Sean has had such bad luck finding love that he is accustomed to that emotion and that default state, making it quite easy and quick for him to return there and assume the worst of Laurence. Sean reacts negatively when Todd asks him about Laurence right away and calls him a vengeful horrible liar, but as soon as he has two minutes to himself, he begins to think, “You know what, it’s definitely real.”

Sean’s mentality causes him to automatically assume the worst, erroneously assuming that his life is in danger.

I can relate to that because Sean and I both tend to overanalyze situations, so it is simple for me to play that on Sean. Sometimes in real life, when I start thinking about potential outcomes, everyone around me simply stare at me as if I’ve lost my mind.

“If someone I know is getting a minor test at the hospital, my mind automatically jumps to the worst-case scenario.” Therefore, I completely see why Sean is assuming the worst in this circumstance.

It is his default state to simply think, “Well, that’s it. He believes that it is always his fate and that it will

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