EastEnders spoilers. Sonia left in shock by weird lodger Jed’s behaviour

Sonia isn’t certain of him. (Image: BBC)

Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) met Jed, her new roommate, this week on EastEnders.

After Sonia learned that she now pays a sizable sum in inheritance tax on the property—money she simply doesn’t have—Reiss (Jonny Freeman) proposed the proposal.

Reiss suggested a lodger to try to get Sonia to give him the chance to reside in Walford because he is a shy and awkward man.

Sadly, it hasn’t happened. Reiss isn’t quite fond of Jed, Sonia has welcomed him to Albert Square, and as next week’s episodes unfold, we learn he’s a little off-putting.

After starting a neighbourhood text group, Jed quickly becomes popular with the other residents.

Reiss goes to Sonia’s to confront the situation since he is feeling envious, but he is stunned by what he encounters.

As the week goes on, Sonia tries to decide when to inform Jed that his stay as her lodger is coming to an end.

Thankfully, Reiss finds a way to get Jed out of Sonia’s house, but what comes next for them both?

Is this the beginning of the romance plot, given that we already know that Reiss will eventually become Sonia’s new love interest?

So let’s hope.

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