Emmerdale spoilers. Spiteful Samson steals baby Esther’s trust fund?

He seemed to be getting increasingly worse (Picture: ITV)

The comic villain of Emmerdale, Samson Dingle (Sam Hall), is quickly emerging due to his contempt for his little daughter. Hiss and boo.

Samson would break the limbo dance world record if he sank any lower. He has attempted to have his daughter aborted, to have her placed in foster care on the grounds that her mother is unfit, and he has just discovered a new way to ruin that defenceless child’s life in order to benefit himself.

A sizable sum of money was put into a trust fund in Noah’s (Jack Downham) father’s name by his aunt Zoe Tate. Even though this is a very private piece of information, in a hamlet like

The young man sits up, notices that his child is now set to get a significant sum of money, and starts to make plans. His daughter has a goal all of a sudden. Will Esther be a victim of her dad’s cunning schemes as he devises ways to obtain the money?

According to a show spokesman, Noah has showed Amelia the kind of love and support Samson hasn’t given her since the birth of her child.

We’ll soon see devious Samson’s wheels turning and Noah will find himself being blackmailed for money as he kindly advises creating a trust fund for newborn Esther.

Samson’s plotting, however, “won’t simply affect Noah; it might also jeopardise his entire family.”

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