EastEnders spoilers. Denise’s lust for Ravi explodes after Jack’s callous mistake

Denise is attracted to Ravi (Picture: BBC)

Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) commits a mistake that could end their relationship, which will push Denise Fox (Diane Parish) further closer to Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara).

Jack is about to commit the biggest romance sin of all: Forgetting Valentine’s Day.

For his benefit, daughter Amy (Ellie Dadd), who is more organised, steps in to plan a date night for Jack and Denise.

Denise starts to get ready, anticipating a lovely evening courtesy of her affectionate spouse (or so she thinks), when she is startled by an unexpected visitor.

Surprise, surprise—Ravi has made the decision to finally admit his increasing feelings for her.

Even though there has been continual flirtation, jealousy, and romantic tension between the two of them for several weeks, nothing has yet to really happen.

Denise struggles valiantly to control her lust after being taken aback.

But when she hears Jack telling Sam Mitchell the truth about Amy’s participation in the evening, everything abruptly changes (Kim Medcalf).

Denise is devastated, dismayed that he overlooked the important day and even more dismayed that he lied.

Who will she turn to if she needs support and comfort?

We can come up with someone.

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