Emmerdale spoilers. Paddy Kirk rejects Mandy Dingle’s help as his crisis deepens

Is this the beginning of a new thing? (Image from ITV)

In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, a little bit of innocent flirting between Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Kev the Drayman (Matthew Connell) led to another downhill spiral for poor Paddy (Dominic Brunt), who has been struggling a lot since he and his wife separated.

Given that Chas and Kev had a lengthy history together and that she was also inquiring about his pregnant partner, what he overheard was really just some casual conversation. There was absolutely no agenda, but as Paddy rushed out, he didn’t see it that way.

After observing his reaction, Chas told him it had all been in good fun as he followed him outside. It was embarrassing, Paddy remarked. “If you don’t respect me,”

Later, she requested Paddy to watch over Eve (Bella James) so she could attend a trade event on the south coast the following day. If it finished later, she said, she might stay over. Chas repeated that it was only a work issue after Paddy responded with mistrust. Chas reminded Paddy that it was his decision to continue residing at the Woolpack and that he had no authority to instruct her on proper behaviour, possibly with Caleb’s remarks still fresh in her mind.

After Chas’ infidelity, Paddy’s heart is aching (Picture: ITV)

He added, “All I’m asking is that you not flirt with every single man you see right in front of my face.” She informed him that he did not have the right to restrict her and that she must be free to communicate with others as she deems fit. She advised him to keep any more thoughts about what she was doing incorrectly to himself.

Mandy caught the last part of this (Lisa Riley). Later, when she noticed him sitting in his car, she approached him. He explained to her that he was attempting to find some peaceful time. She extended an invitation to visit her home and offered custard as a bonus.

Mandy unwillingly stepped away from him, but we know she won’t give up. In fact, Lisa Riley has hinted at a reunion for the couple, which she believes we are all hoping will happen.

She informed us that “the country wants them to [get back together]!” “It’s what people want; it’s all over social media.” What we did realise was that everyone was glued to Paddy and Mandy during lunchtime when the pandemic broke out. They weren’t even born in that generation. Teenagers from a whole generation are watching the nostalgia programme, and they really enjoyed the connection that the writers created all those many, many years ago.

However, will it actually occur? “Do we want to immediately offer the viewers what they want?” Ross and Rachel were adored by all, didn’t they? Lisa made fun.

Can Mandy eventually get beyond Paddy’s barriers and enable him to go on with his life?

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