Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Coronation Street spoilers. Yasmeen faces worrying losses as cost of living crisis hits

Coronation Street spoilers. Yasmeen faces worrying losses as cost of living crisis hits

Yasmeen admits something. (Image from ITV)

Aside from the occasionally insane and odd plots, soap operas, especially Coronation Street, have consistently done one thing in particular: they have produced tales that accurately depict the world we live in today.

With the rising expense of living looming over us all, some of the many questions on our minds include whether it is more affordable to have the heat on low all day or whether it is preferable to have lamps on instead of ceiling lights.

Corrie is gradually introducing plots in which inhabitants of Weatherfield experience financial hardship in order to emphasise the dire state in which we currently find ourselves.

Next week, Yasmeen will be highlighted (Shelley King).

It becomes clear that trading is more slower at Speed Daal because many individuals don’t want to spend their money on eating out.

Yasmeen also admits that in an effort to save even more money, she had to lower the temperature.

Dolly-Rose Campbell has disclosed how Gemma and her family will be impacted by the expense of living.

Every dime is literally counted,” she stated. The cost-of-living crisis is affecting a lot of people, and it can be difficult to stretch a dollar as far as you need to when you have five kids to feed, a home to heat, and tonnes of laundry to do and dry.

They all have to juggle who of them will be at home to watch the kids because they are both working: she is at The Rovers, Chesney is at the kebab shop, and Bernie is at the cafe. Paul (Peter Ash) offers assistance as well.

Five kids in the family is a lot to manage while simultaneously attempting to keep their jobs, which they need for the money, steady since having one child is already a full-time job.

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