EastEnders spoilers. Kat gets chilling news after crime

The Slaters don’t need this at all. (Image: BBC)

Following the revelation that the bap van has been broken into, the Slaters are expected to become the victims of a crime in upcoming EastEnders scenes.

Stacey (Lacey Turner), who had hurt her back, lets Freddie (Bobbie Brazier) have a turn driving the van.

The young man quickly becomes popular with the clientele, and everything appears to be going smoothly.

Kat doesn’t learn that the van has been broken into until after the fact.

After everything that has happened, the Slaters really don’t need this.

The family has already had a carbon monoxide leak, the revelation of Lily’s (Lillia Turner) pregnancy at age 12, and a conflict with the Brannings over the finding that Ricky (Frankie Day) is the baby’s father.

Additionally, their finances are in shambles, and they are having a difficult time getting by.

Stacey goes to check out the damage, so poor Kat is left to inform her of the break-in.

What will she find, though? Whatever it is, Kat and the other Slaters will undoubtedly be quite worried about it.

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