Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Shania Twain is a huge fan of Emmerdale icon Mandy Dingle’s fashion

Shania Twain is a huge fan of Emmerdale icon Mandy Dingle’s fashion

Ryan Reynolds, get out of here! Mandy Dingle from Emmerdale has captured Shania Twain’s attention as a new celebrity icon who has greatly impressed her.

The singer of the hit song “Gonna Getcha Good,” who just dropped her sixth studio album, appeared to be a fan of Mandy’s distinctive sense of style on the talk show Lorraine, telling both the host and Lisa Riley that she “loves” it.

Lisa, who has intermittently played Mandy since 1995, returned on the ITV morning show to talk about an impending Paddy Kirk plot.

Following her appearance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, where she caused a stir with her infamous poker straight hair change, Shania was also present in the TV studios.

The Canadian megastar spoke about her new album before commenting on the topic of Mandy’s eccentric wardrobe choices. Lorraine Kelly also showed the From This Moment On singer a picture of the soap icon’s leopard print wedding gown.

The TV host exclaimed to Shania, “Mandy Dingle is no stranger to the leopard print. She wore a leopard print dress to her wedding!”

The 57-year-old Shania grinned and said, “I adore that,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Mandy wore a leopard print dress during her wedding, which aired (Picture: ITV)

The music legend has been busy promoting her sixth studio album Queen of Me, which was released last week and is known for classics like Man! I Feel Like A Woman and Any Man Of Mine.

At the People’s Choice Awards in December, the Life’s About To Get Good chart-topper sang a medley of her classics, including her most recent single Waking Up Dreaming, before focusing on Ryan Reynolds.

Shania made an appearance on Lorraine to talk about her most recent album, Queen Of Me, which was released last week.

In a performance of That Don’t Impress Me Much, which includes the famous line “So you’re Brad Pitt?” the 57-year-old substituted the Deadpool actor’s name for that of Meet Joe Black actor Brad.

Following the event, Ryan tweeted, “I can’t think of a more iconic, brilliant and gorgeous person to not impress all that much,” and we kind of love it.

It appears like Mandy Dingle will challenge him for Shania’s love, nevertheless!

ITV broadcasts Lorraine every weekday morning.

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