As they enjoy “their song” together, Danielle Harold expresses her love for Jamie Borthwick, her co-star on EastEnders.

The married couple Lola and Jay are portrayed by Danielle and Jamie, who have been colleagues for ten years (Image: Instagram / Danielle Harold / BBC).

Following a fun night out at an awards show with her co-star Jamie Borthwick, EastEnders legend Danielle Harold expressed her love for him.

EastEnders was nominated for Best Soap at the Broadcast Awards, where the actress who portrays Lola Pearce in the BBC One soap documented the event.

The 30-year-old actress posted a photograph she snapped in a mirror with Jamie, who portrays her on-screen spouse Jay Brown. She captioned the photo with the words “my love” and a heart emoji.

We cherish them.

Danielle afterwards uploaded several videos of her and Jamie riding in a cab on their way home to her Instagram stories. The song Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, which was played during the wedding scenes of Lola and Jay earlier this year, was being sung along by the two friends in the most recent video.

Always be our song, Danielle wrote. I adore you, Jamie B.

Due to Lola’s recent discovery that she has a deadly brain tumour, the two soap opera stars are currently at the centre of a significant EastEnders storyline.
While Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) did everything in his ability to pay for specialists and potential clinical studies, Lola’s loved ones swore to support her throughout her journey. However, after much grief, one doctor informed Lola that miracle cures are “rarely” possible in circumstances like hers.
In the meantime, Jay made the decision to propose during the holiday season, and although Lola originally had reservations about his motivations for wanting to wed, she ultimately said yes. The two were married in a series of charming events last month.
Tough times for Lola and Jay in EastEnders (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

Jamie remarked on the two characters’ reunion from the previous year, “They’ve got a lot of history, and I really feel that Lola is the one for Jay.” So, it was only natural that they would reconcile at some point.

Jamie noted that Danielle and he have a fantastic working relationship and have worked together on the show for more than ten years.

We laugh together on set, we know each other very well, and we understand what makes the other laugh, he said. “We know when to be serious and when to be ridiculous,” the saying goes.

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