Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen kills once more as his rejected business contact collapses?

We are aware that he is capable of going this far (Picture: ITV)

Next week on Coronation Street, Todd Boyce’s Stephen Reid will focus on a business associate in an effort to win over Carla Connor (Alison King) and eventually become Top Dog at Underworld.

When Sarah (Tina O’Brien) decided to leave the workplace, Stephen was able to acquire a job there.

Since then, he has tried his best to get along with his coworkers, but Carla is the one one getting in the way of his success.

Carla, like Sarah, hasn’t exactly been treated well but has made the most of having Stephen as her new business partner.

This has repeatedly infuriated Stephen, and next week, the hierarchy will continue when his employer assigns him a challenging task: revive the agreement with Rufus in exchange for 15% commission and a long-term contract.

Stephen arrives at the hotel wearing his best charity shop suit, but Rufus quickly makes it clear he is not interested.

As Rufus delivers Stephen a bottle of LSD and leaves the room while taking a line of coke, it becomes apparent that he isn’t exactly spotless.

Stephen is shocked to see Rufus fall as he observes.

Carla contacts Stephen as the paramedics are responding to Rufus and asks if he’s closed the sale.

As the businessman is being brought to the hospital, Stephen practises signing the unsigned contract while assuring Carla that everything is in order.

Is killing Rufus and forging the signature to please Carla and move closer to the throne Stephen’s best course of action if he survives the collapse and rejects the deal?

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