EastEnders rumours: As Lily gets closer to Ryan, is Martin rejected as Lily’s father?

As Lily’s father, Martin feels outnumbered (Picture: BBC)

Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) has always looked up to Martin Fowler (James Bye), but when Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott) makes his EastEnders comeback, that relationship might be in risk.

Since Martin has spent the better part of a decade assisting Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) in raising Lily, he is understandably upset when her biological father makes an unannounced visit to the Square after a long absence.

After returning from her pregnancy ultrasound, where Stacey and Ryan ended up arguing, Lily is angry.

The child chastises her mother for how she handled Ryan in the hospital, leaving Stacey and Martin with a bitter aftertaste.

Lily is quickly reminded by Stacey that Martin is her father because he has always supported her.

Actor Neil McDermott thinks Ryan might be a good father to Lily despite his flaws.

Ryan claims that he wants to be a good father to Lily and that Stacey has asked him to stay away, which is why he isn’t there right now.

He has honoured her decision, but now that Lily is pregnant, he feels compelled to return and attempt to figure out how he can better integrate himself into her life.

Is the time Ryan spends with Lily in the café after his return sufficient to make up for all the missed time?

Will Ryan eventually take Martin’s place as Lily’s father figure?

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