Spoilers for Coronation Street: Laurence dumps Sean following wife murder drama

Sean and Laurence’s situation has ended. (Image from ITV)

After suspicions regarding Laurence’s wife’s death were made public, things between Laurence (Robert Shaw Cameron) and Sean (Antony Cotton) in Coronation Street are now officially finished.

Sean was convinced earlier this week by Todd (Gareth Pierce) and Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) that Laurence had murdered his wife Lindsey.

The two had learned through the cab driver Mitch that Laurence had allegedly shoved the woman off a mountain while on vacation in Switzerland.

Sean was first in denial when faced with this information, but he eventually couldn’t get the thought out of his head.

Tonight, Sean discovered Laurence was bringing him on a vacation to the same Swiss mountains where Lindsey had perished.

Sean was rightfully horrified when he realised Laurence might be trying to kill him as well.

Sean became increasingly sceptical before accusing Laurence of murder outright.

Laurence was upset because he had obviously not killed her.

He told a remorseful Sean what actually transpired that day, explaining that he had been summoned to see a visitor with dental issues and that Lindsey had gone for a hike in poor visibility and fell.

He talked about how he wished he had gone with her because if he had, he might have been able to save her, but that she ultimately passed away while doing what she loved.

He acknowledged that he finally felt prepared to return to the mountains and confront reality, with Sean by his side, adding salt to Sean’s wounds.

Laurence acknowledged what actually transpired with his wife (Picture: ITV)

But Sean had shattered it by accusing him of murder, and their relationship was ended forever.

Despite how Laurence’s story ended, actor Antony Cotton is still rooting for Sean to have a successful outcome.

Without a doubt, it would be wonderful to witness a large gay wedding in public, and yes, it would make for a nice plot for Sean, complete with setbacks along the way, cancellations, and people who don’t show up, but with a lovely joyful day at the end. He spoke.

However, there is a negative aspect as well, and that is once you have settled in, people can cease creating stories for the character. I suppose it depends on the plot, but I would definitely like Sean to be in a wedding at some point in the future.

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