Spoilers for Emmerdale: Is Paddy dead after a horrific catastrophe results from his disappearance?

Paddy left. (Image from ITV)

Next his absence, Paddy Kirk’s (Dominic Brunt) life is in danger in Emmerdale the following week.

The veteran, who had been having mental health issues following Chas Dingle’s (Lucy Pargeter) romance with Michael Wildman earlier this week, disappeared soon after sleeping with his ex-girlfriend of over 25 years, Mandy (Lisa Riley).

His sudden absence prompted his family to notify the police because they were so concerned about his whereabouts. The next week, the Dingles organise a sizable search party in the hopes of rapidly locating him.

PC Swirling shows in to share the good news that a sighting has been reported. However, this is a false hope. The CCTV footage of their pet Paddy is revealed to the Dingles, proving the

The family is devastated by this information because it is obvious to them that Paddy is not at all well.

Joshua Richards’s Bear, incensed, leaves on his own in search of answers. But as they realise Paddy doesn’t want to be discovered, the family loses hope for his homecoming.

For those who know him well and can tell that he is not in the appropriate frame of mind to take care of himself, this is worrisome.

Will they find what they seek tragically?

It has been reported that Paddy will start saying veiled goodbyes to family and friends in scenes scheduled to show next month before departing the hamlet with the intention of taking his own life.

Actor Dominic Brunt commented, “It is a tremendous honour and a significant responsibility to be representing this storyline.” The fact that the majority of guys don’t talk sufficiently about their difficulties is a fundamental issue in today’s culture.

We suppress them because we don’t want to annoy people, we feel humiliated, and we believe that we should be tough and not display weakness.

It will have been worthwhile if this narrative can raise awareness of the problem or even just slightly alter someone’s perspective.

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