Charlotte Jordan of Coronation Street reveals Daisy as the victim of Daniel’s hurtful victimisation.

Daisy suffers from Daniel’s victim-blaming. (Image from ITV)

In Coronation Street, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) is now afraid after stalker Justin (Andrew Still) escalated the situation by showing up in Weatherfield.

In order to get closer to Daisy, Justin acquired a job delivering packages, making Daisy feel extremely exposed.

However, according to the actress Charlotte Jordan, things between Daisy and her fiancé Daniel (Rob Mallard) may be about to change.

She claimed that Daniel was the one she spent the most time with because he was her chosen life mate.

“She will start taking it out on Daniel because that’s the only thing she can do when you’re going through a situation and you feel completely powerless and you can’t say what you want to say to the person who’s causing you all this sorrow because it’s not getting through.” The majority of it affects those close to you.

As a result, tensions rise despite his best efforts to encourage her and assist her in getting through it. Unfortunately, he has to learn how to deal with that and guide her through it since she starts to shatter and become really delicate.

Daisy has been urged to take a break from social media by Daniel in order to

Justin is dangerous (Picture: ITV)

We currently have an epidemic where violent crimes against women are, for some reason, solely the responsibility of women. It is always the woman’s responsibility to alter her actions and behaviours. That is seriously wrong.

I’m probably not explaining it very well because I don’t have any degrees or credentials, but the woman shouldn’t be expected to refrain from posting a picture of herself that makes her feel attractive. It ought to involve educating men about what constitutes a good relationship, what constitutes consent, and other concepts.

Instead of urging women to “alter everything about yourself so you don’t place yourself in a risky position,” it must be discussed with males. Men should simply do better. Charlotte remarked, “That’s not just me painting males with a broad brush, but it is a problem since it’s happening more frequently.

Even when you consider what occurred to Sarah Everard, many of the initial discussions revolved around the fact that she was out on her own late at night. No. It isn’t. The victim is not at fault.

Daisy will accede to Daniel’s advice in a future episode to stop using social media, even knowing this will only make things worse.

Daisy is a sassy, self-assured character, and even

And then Daniel messes up her social media, which just pushes her over the edge because her nerves are already frayed due to Justin, continued Charlotte. Her levels are already at this point since she feels like no one understands her and that the police aren’t doing anything to help.

Then she flees to get some fresh air, but as she is leaving, she notices Justin holding a bouquet of flowers, which is very upsetting to her because that is how the whole thing started—with a bunch of flowers.

She becomes upset because she feels so alone and no one is willing to empathise or offer assistance, and she decides to take matters into her own hands by telling the offending party to leave her alone permanently. And

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