Lily Slater makes a significant choice following her father Ryan Malloy’s unexpected reappearance in EastEnders.

After Ryan’s return, Lily makes a significant choice. (Image: Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron / BBC)

Soon after reuniting with her father Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott), who makes a reappearance after finding out about her pregnancy, Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) makes a choice in EastEnders the following week.

Viewers are aware that the 12-year-old found out she was pregnant last month after spending time in the hospital due to a carbon monoxide scare.

After giving it some thought, she made the choice to keep the child, intending to raise it along with the child’s father, Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day).

Ryan is unaware that his duster is pregnant, but he learns the news the next week when an upset Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) calls him about her.

Ryan then shows up on the Square with the intention of doing the right thing, much to Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) surprise. As her father offers to help her financially, Lily visits with him and spends some quality time with him.

Lily, on the other hand, is not amused by Stacey’s treatment of him, but Stacey responds by claiming that Martin Fowler (James Bye) is Lily’s real father.

Ryan arrives back in the Square next week – determined to be there for Lily (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

The 12-year-old then begins to feel like a burden to her mother, who is struggling with money matters, and as a result she takes a significant decision.

What, specifically, has Lily decided? Additionally, did Ryan play any part in her major choice?

Lily makes a big decision – but just what is it? (Picture: BBC)

It’s possible, as Ryan’s actor Neil McDermott suggested that his character might have another reason for going back to the Square.

“Why should he have a right to say anything at all?” is the question being asked because Ryan hasn’t been present, which I can see, said Neil. However, Ryan believes that a significant event has occurred and tries to be of assistance.

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