Aaron Thiara, a star of EastEnders, explains why Ravi will pursue Denise “at any cost.”

They are getting closer and closer. (Image: BBC)

In the upcoming weeks, Aaron Thiara, who plays Ravi Gulati, has guaranteed that their flirting with Denise Fox (Diane Parish) on EastEnders will “move up a few notches.”

And his persona is adamant that nothing will get in the way of him, not even the fact that Denise is married to Jack Branning, one of Albert Square’s scarier residents (Scott Maslen).

He said, “I think there is that magnetic attraction, and that’s playing on his mind and is the reason why he wants to follow Denise at whatever cost.”

Ravi believes that he and Denise truly understand one another. We begin to witness even more of how he opens himself as the weeks pass.

Aaron emphasised that there is a genuine attraction between them and that it is “absolutely authentic.”

He continued, “I believe that parallels Ravi’s cognitive process that he is seen by Denise, and I believe possibly Denise feels seen by Ravi.”

Me and Diane discussed this and I believe that the chemistry and attraction between them occur at a time when they are both perhaps a little bit lost in different life spheres and chapters. They just so happened to cross paths at the right time and there is something magnetic about the two of them that they both try to ignore but can’t. They both become obsessed with thinking about this once it begins to permeate their consciousness, in my opinion.

Of course, the fact that Denise is currently very much off-limits just serves to increase her attraction for a character like Ravi, who thrives on a little bit of danger in his life.

He particularly appreciates the thrill of the pursuit as well as walking on thin ice and entering potentially hazardous situations because Denise is a detective’s wife. Aaron opined, “I think that riles him, I think he really likes that.”

Ravi believes that his wife Denise is a “extremely lovely woman” and “a great spirit,” but that Jack doesn’t recognise this.

According to him, the story is really just getting started and will take many more unexpected turns.

It will get a little better, he promised. ‘Their partnership has also

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