Corrie spoiler video shows Mary and Brian’s confrontation when she learns of his betrayal.

After his flat lost power, Brian is getting ready to temporarily move in with Mary. Mary advises him to only bring the necessities, but his definition of what is necessary is totally different from ours.

A signed copy of Roxanna’s script is among the assortment of artefacts. Mary quickly opens it, and things quickly become worse.

There is a review hidden within the pages that Brian wrote, but it doesn’t bear his name.

Quinton De Santos, a critic for the Weatherfield Gazette, wrote the review. At least, Mary had previously thought that.

Quinton had praised Mary’s performance in the local AmDram show more than it probably merited while reviewing it.

Mary is left angry by Brian. (Image from ITV)

It appears, though, that perhaps Brian himself wrote the review rather than a critic at all.

Mary is outraged to discover his betrayal and thought Brian had played a joke on her.

Brian is adamant it wasn’t his reason for doing it. Instead, he asserts that a professional critic wouldn’t have been “half so generous” and that he thought they merited some “praise in paper.”

Mary then decides that Brian should find another place to stay because she is no longer feeling very kind.

Have Brian’s falsehoods permanently damaged their friendship?

These scenes will be shown on Coronation Street on Monday, February 13 at 8 p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX.

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