Emmerdale spoilers: A scared horse escapes, bringing disaster to the community once more.

This will cause issues… (Image from ITV)

Who can forget the cow stampede, which was a highlight of the Emmerdale episodes celebrating their 50th anniversary in October?

One of Moira’s barns (Natalie J. Robb) collapsed in the gale as a furious storm tore through the village, and the terrified cows ran out and down the lane, right for Nate (Jurell Carter), Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper), and Sam (James Hooton). Sam dove out of the line of the mooing danger and was cruelly impaled on a piece of farm equipment.

Future episodes may bring back memories of that terrifying tragedy as another animal escapes and terrorises the neighbourhood. It’s Apollo in this instance, a pricey stallion horse that Kim (Claire King) recently acquired for her stud.

Much to Cain’s amusement, who is observing from a distance, Will is struggling as he tries to calm the panicked horse.

According to Jeff Hordley, “Cain simply reacts like he always does and just thinks, I’m going to get you for this, I’m going to teach you a lesson.” He’s not having a good time with Kyle, so he’s probably simply getting angry at someone who is getting in the way.

Sam and Caleb (William Ash) ride to the rescue in a horse box amidst the mayhem. Can they contain Apollo without endangering themselves or anybody else in the process?

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