Marcus Dean is leaving Emmerdale because “star Darcy Grey resigned after just a year”

Marcus’ time in the named settlement is running out (Picture: ITV)

Marcus Dean from Emmerdale is supposedly planning to leave the community after Darcy Grey, the actor, quit the part after barely a year.

Marcus’ stint on the ITV serial opera “came to a natural end,” according to a source for Darcy, who made his on-screen debut in February. It is also reported that Darcy has already shot his final scenes.

Marcus arrived in the named village after learning that his father, the rapist Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather), had passed away in custody.

The electrician settled in right away and developed a friendship with Ethan Anderson (Emile John), who helped him with legal matters as soon as he arrived.

Marcus and Ethan have been having a difficult time lately because they got into a fight over Marcus and Naomi’s (Karen Peter) attempt to expose sex abuser Greg, who had previously made a move at Marcus.

In scenes that will run this week, Marcus will make an effort to make things right by taking Ethan on a date. However, things don’t quite work out as one might have planned, and the date ends in catastrophe.

In the meantime, Naomi drags him away so they can spend a night apart, but in later scenes, he and Ethan make up as Ethan reassures his sweetheart that he does want them to find a house together.

Marcus and Ethan have had it tough (Picture: ITV)
Last year, Darcy made his Emmerdale debut as Marcus (Picture: ITV)

Marcus is not aware that a cunning Ethan has received a communication from an unknown individual. Who exactly is the communication from, we wonder?

That remains to be seen, but when Marcus notices Ethan getting into a stranger’s car, things change.

Are things really as they seem? Will this mean the end for the pair and force Marcus to leave the community as a result?

When asked about the circumstances surrounding Marcus’s departure, a source informed The Sun that “his time in the village came to a natural end.”

“The door has been left open,” Darcy said, “but he is eager to expand his wings.”

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