Neil McDermott, an EastEnders actor, discusses Ryan and Stacey’s future as he makes a comeback.

Ryan has returned to Stacey’s life (Picture: BBC)

The news that Ryan Malloy would be returning to EastEnders during the plotline with 12-year-old Lily (Lillia Turner) becoming pregnant thrilled viewers. Actor Neil McDermott reveals whether or not there is a future for the two as he re-meets Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner).

In 2016, Ryan was last observed on the Square when he attempted to flee after stealing money from the Queen Vic’s safe. He was apprehended but ultimately freed for lack of proof.

He made the decision to leave Walford behind and begin a new life elsewhere rather than stay.

Although his sister Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) had informed him that his

Having decided to wait until she was prepared to tell him, Stacey is surprised to see him.

Having Ryan return to the picture is somewhat of a problem for Lily, who has spent the majority of her time with Stacey and Martin Fowler (James Bye), as co-parenting is not something Stacey and Ryan have done successfully up until this point, according to Neil.

But will Stacey be compelled to allow Ryan to take a more active role in parenting their daughter now that he is committed to be there for Lily? Does that imply that he will remain?

Lily found out she was expecting at the beginning of the year (Picture: BBC)

Who knows what Ryan and Stacey’s futures will bring? To try and make it work, Neil added, “we’ll have to see whether there’s ever an extended period where they can both be on the Square at the same time.

According to what I understand, Ryan wants to be a good father to Lily and believes that Stacey has asked him to remain away, which is why he isn’t there right now. Although he has accepted her decision, he feels compelled to return in order to try to figure out how he can better integrate himself into her life in light of Lily’s pregnancy news.

Neil revealed that much of his time on set was spent catching up with co-star Lacey Turner, so it’s not only Ryan and Stacey who are getting used to being around each other again.

We weren’t able to prepare for the scenarios because we were too busy chatting and catching up, to be honest. He explained, “We would run lines together and things like that.

‘I just wanted to get back into the groove of EastEnders because I’ve been away for a while. Because of how quickly we work here, Lacey was very helpful to me by running through lines and other things.

It felt more familiar even simply hooking up and being back on set together, since

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