Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Spoilers for Coronation Street: Carla’s horrific crash is the murderer Stephen yells

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Carla’s horrific crash is the murderer Stephen yells

Driving off in the van is Carla (Picture: ITV)

In order to achieve his goal of taking over as the new Underworld leader on Coronation Street, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) will use some risky and desperate measures.

No big deal.

Of course, Carla (Alison King), who is really tuned on and undoubtedly (at least, that’s what we think) has eyes in the back of her head, is the person he must eliminate before donning the factory crown.

Therefore, Stephen needs to do something that makes Carla sleepy and unable to concentrate, anything that has the opposite effect on Carla.


LSD specifically, which he grabs from Rufus’ briefcase at the beginning of the following week after he passes out.

Stephen, who is displeased with his new position as office manager, begins his vengeance by drugging Carla’s coffee, which causes her to become disoriented and wobbly.

Carla is carried home by Peter (Chris Gascoyne) from the pub after consuming her laced wine because he believes his partner’s madness has resurfaced.

Carla receives another mug of tea laced with LSD at the conclusion of a challenging week.

Carla is perplexed and clueless when Dick Havisham calls to inquire about her whereabouts. Stephen confused her schedule and gave the impression that her meeting had been postponed.

Carla meets Abi (Sally Carman), who is leaving the factory, at the garage, but she later decides against it and gets in the Underworld van.

Carla, who is speeding down the street, hits Paul (Peter Ash), who is riding Peter’s new motorcycle.

What happens to Carla after Stephen’s plot causes her behaviour to spiral as Paul groans in pain?

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