Amy and Aaron’s non-consensual sex plotline on Coronation Street is revealed.

In a forthcoming plot featuring Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) and Aaron Sandford, Coronation Street will address the problem of non-consensual sex (James Craven). The ITV soap opera’s March 3 episode will have Amy and Aaron sharing a drunken kiss after arguing with Summer (Harriet Bibby). Then, when they are in the bedroom, Amy will start … Read more

As he torments Will, Emmerdale reveals a significant hint about Nicky’s alliance with Caleb.

We’ve mentioned it before, but there’s something off with Emmerdale’s sweet nanny Nicky (Lewis Cope). The always-smiling, always-charming newcomer seems to be making it his business to rile up Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), which has only strengthened our suspicions that he has a hidden goal. Will (William Ash) being there in his home has him … Read more

Paddy’s whereabouts are revealed by Emmerdale

As everyone awaited updates on Paddy, tensions were high at the start of tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (Dominic Brunt). Bear (Joshua Richards) briefly considered giving up the search because Paddy definitely didn’t want to be located. Additionally, Paddy’s absence caused Mandy (Lisa Riley) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) to consider their roles in Paddy’s declining mental … Read more

Spoilers for EastEnders: Ryan’s horrifying scheme to kidnap Lily

In tonight’s EastEnders episode, Ryan Malloy and daughter Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) finally met after six years of separation. After learning that his 12-year-old daughter Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) is pregnant, Ryan hurried back to the Square and sat down with Stacey Slater for an in-depth discussion (Lacey Turner). Ryan acknowledged that he wanted to … Read more

Spoilers for EastEnders: Patrick prevents Linda from relapsing into drinking as the horror of Mick’s “death” continues.

Following the “death” of Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), the love of her life, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), has been finding it difficult to go about her daily existence in EastEnders. While Mick is not yet officially dead, his disappearance at sea on Christmas Day has Linda and the other residents of Walford fearing the worst. … Read more

Chrissie Watts’ potential return to EastEnders is hinted at by Tracy-Ann Oberman.

Tracy-Ann Oberman intimated that Chrissie Watts would return to Albert Square and expressed how much she “liked” playing the character. As the wife of renowned soap opera villain “Dirty” Den Watts from 2004 to 2005, the 56-year-old actress had an eventful experience on EastEnders (Leslie Grantham). The dramatic 218 episodes she appeared in on the … Read more

Coronation Street spoilers: Crash horror destroys Paul’s life with serious injury?

One thing that Coronation Street executive Iain MacLeod hinted at when he spoke to us back in December about what was in store for some of the show’s core characters was a new relationship between Todd (Gareth Pierce), Paul (Peter Ash), and Billy, two of Summer’s “three dads” (Daniel Brocklebank). He joked, “I’ll leave it … Read more