As he torments Will, Emmerdale reveals a significant hint about Nicky’s alliance with Caleb.

You see, we have suspicions (Picture: ITV)

We’ve mentioned it before, but there’s something off with Emmerdale’s sweet nanny Nicky (Lewis Cope).

The always-smiling, always-charming newcomer seems to be making it his business to rile up Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), which has only strengthened our suspicions that he has a hidden goal.

Will (William Ash) being there in his home has him thoroughly enraged, so he doesn’t need much more to get him fired up. Will was informed by Billy (Jay Kontzle) and Caleb that Rhona (Zoe Henry) needed to inspect Kim’s new stud horse since Kim wouldn’t be happy if it turned out to be a dud.

Which meant that Nicky was muttering that Caleb was a “cocky git” right at Will’s shoulder. Will was happy that Nicky shared his perspective because it appeared that everyone else had been seduced by Caleb.

He admitted to Nicky that he thought Caleb was planning something. Nicky said, “I wouldn’t have him mooching around my place.” But he noted that it appeared a little odd that Will was constantly pursuing Caleb and keeping an eye on him.

Will said, “Maybe it wouldn’t if you did it. “Follow him around, and let me know.”

Nicky looked pretty shady indeed as he turned to face Caleb. Was he merely uneasy about the prospect of spying for Will?

Or, if we adopt the idea that he and Caleb are somehow collaborating to topple Kim’s empire and seize control of Home Farm, has Nicky succeeded in getting Will where he wants him? Now that he has the other man’s trust, he is free to slowly reveal to him anything he wants to know about Caleb.

Nicky continues to be the only character mentioned without a last name in the show’s credits, which can be seen by looking through them. Could it be Milligan, after all? What

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