Chrissie Watts’ potential return to EastEnders is hinted at by Tracy-Ann Oberman.

Chrissie could be able to obtain parole. (Image via BBC/Rex)

Tracy-Ann Oberman intimated that Chrissie Watts would return to Albert Square and expressed how much she “liked” playing the character.

As the wife of renowned soap opera villain “Dirty” Den Watts from 2004 to 2005, the 56-year-old actress had an eventful experience on EastEnders (Leslie Grantham).

The dramatic 218 episodes she appeared in on the show had her discovering her husband’s numerous extramarital relationships, joining him in a scheme to bankrupt the Mitchell family, seizing the Queen Vic, and moving in on Christmas Day.

Later, after the two had fought at the pub and traded punches, she killed him and was charged with murder.

Oberman reflected on her experience in EastEnders when appearing on Lorraine on Tuesday to talk about her new stage production, The Merchant of Venice 1936, in which she portrays a reinvented Shylock.

Inviting Oberman to make a comeback, host Christine Lampard said that people had been “doing the arithmetic” and realised Chrissie could be “ready for release at any point now.”

She created some remarkable drama during her marriage to “Dirty” Den, not the least of which was when she killed him (Picture: BBC)

She has served longer than most true murderers in prison, and if she had a better attorney, she would have been given mitigating circumstances, the actress joked.

The It’s A Sin actress responded to Lampard’s suggestion that Chrissie might want to return to Walford by saying that she would go “inside the Vic, just to look it over.”

She explicitly addressed the topic of a comeback, saying: “Listen, what do they say? Never give up hope.

Oberma shared that she had ‘loved’ playing the character (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

“I cherished that character.” She really was either a victim or a villain.

When Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf), who played a significant role in the Den narrative, returned last year, fans’ expectations for Chrissie to make an appearance after 17 years were raised.

Oberman later requested a follow on Twitter from new EastEnders producer Chris Clenshaw.

Was there talk of a return at that point? Although nothing has yet happened, all bets are now off in light of Oberman’s most recent remarks.

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