Coronation Street spoilers: Crash horror destroys Paul’s life with serious injury?

What took place? (Image from ITV)

One thing that Coronation Street executive Iain MacLeod hinted at when he spoke to us back in December about what was in store for some of the show’s core characters was a new relationship between Todd (Gareth Pierce), Paul (Peter Ash), and Billy, two of Summer’s “three dads” (Daniel Brocklebank). He joked, “I’ll leave it to you to figure out which pair of them romance is in the air with.”

Well, it appears that when Billy kisses his ex-boyfriend Paul, the speculation will be over soon. It appears that love between the two might be in the air, but Paul suffers an accident before that can happen.

He recently accepted Peter (Chris Gascoyneoffer )’s to ride along on his new motorcycle.

Paul tries to hide his hurt and later confesses to Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) that Billy kissed him but that he doesn’t want to start dating him again because his life is already so chaotic. However, he quickly changes his mind, and he and Billy tell Todd that they’re giving their relationship another shot.

However, there are some unsettling indications that Paul’s situation isn’t ideal. He has trouble picking up his darts in the pub, but nobody seems to notice. Later, he finds that he is unable to handle a glass with his right hand, but he continues to keep this from Billy while also concealing the fact that he is growing increasingly worried.

Was he harmed worse than he thought?

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