EastEnders reveals the Christmas Day storyline for the following year in spoilers

Is it time to put up the Christmas tree already? (Image: BBC)

Even though it’s just February, EastEnders has already begun planning for future storylines, with one probable Christmas narrative already in the works.

It seems as like Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) have been waiting forever to get married, but fans of the couple will have to wait until Christmas Day before seeing either of them walk down the aisle.

It makes sense that they would want some time to let things settle after everything that has just happened to them.

After months of suffering at the hands of the bent copper, Phil has just recently been able to get rid of DCI Keeble.

Things came to a head when Keeble, in a fit of rage, abducted Tommy (Sonny Kendall) and Kat in an effort to intimidate Phil into turning over the information he had against her.

When Keeble was shot during a fight with Kat, she finally put a stop to her grudge towards the Mitchells.

Since learning that Lily (Lillia Turner), then 12 years old, is expecting a child, Kat has been embroiled in conflict with the Slaters.

There probably won’t be a great moment to get married given all that happens in Albert Square, and given what we know about EastEnders, Christmas Day isn’t it either.

But hey, at least we now know to anticipate some drama during the holiday season. possibly more than usual…

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