Emmerdale spoilers: resident abandoned to expire tragically, dead body horror, and huge exit

In an action-packed Emmerdale week, Eric is left in a terrible situation, Cathy lashes out at dad Bob, Bernice is traumatised, and Arthur is once more rejected (Picture: ITV)

Next week, viewers can expect several surprises and shocks from Emmerdale, as well as a significant fatality.

The B&B’s formal opening takes place, but Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) is distracted because she likes the harpist she hired for the occasion.

However, things take a terrifying turn when Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) tells her that the harpist is deceased in bed during the opening.

While Sam Dingle (James Hooton) hurts Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) during a fight, Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) is left feeling rejected once more when Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher) reiterates that they can’t be pals.

In another scene, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) begs Nicky (Lewis Cope) to zip her up in her dress after he rejects her advances.

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on February 20th.
At the HOP, Marshall and Arthur have a second discussion in which he reiterates his earlier assertion that their friendship has ended. Arthur is once more heartbroken, so Laurel consoles him and gives him some encouraging words.

After Marshall rejects Arthur once more, Laurel stands by him. (Image via ITV)

When Bernice says the harpist she wants to book will be their act on the B&B’s opening day, Bob is disappointed. However, his focus quickly shifts when he advises Cathy to skip opening day, which infuriates the adolescent.

Marcus conceals a deep remorse, not knowing that Ethan is preparing to propose. Then, everything suddenly changes, and Ethan experiences a major jolt.

Nate and Naomi split up, and Vinny is moved by his family’s thoughtful act as they throw an impromptu party for Liv’s birthday.

Tuesday, February 21: Much to Gabby’s chagrin, her efforts to win Nicky’s affection are rejected, and Samson keeps getting in the way of Noah and Amelia.

After unintentionally destroying the cake Marlon made for the B&B’s opening, Cathy runs away in tears. Bernice tries to comfort Cathy by giving her an amethyst necklace, but after another argument with her father, Cathy later crushes the pendant by standing on it.

the 22nd of February,
Bob is working hard to make the B&B’s grand opening a day to recall. However, Bernice is somewhat sidetracked from her date with Tim the harpist!

Then, when Tim doesn’t show up for the function, Bob is compelled to inform her that he’s discovered him dead!

With Bob and Bernice as the new owners, a new period at the B&B in Emmerdale begins! (Image via ITV)

Meanwhile, Wendy is devastated when she overhears a discussion and learns that Bob and Bernice have shared a bed.

Knowing that Nicky is fixated on her, Gabby begs him to zip up her dress.

Dan struggles with his inability to provide for his family, and Noah is shocked to learn that he has lost his apprenticeship now that Marcus has departed the village. As Amelia frantically looks for someone to watch over Esther, Noah rushes off determined to find a new job. Samson offers, which makes Noah suspicious because she starts to think his relative is up to something.

On Thursday, February 23, Samson tricks Noah into agreeing to a pay out from his trust fund, offering him two grand to remain away from Esther. Samson is ecstatic when Noah accepts the pay out.

Sam, on the other hand, is struggling to make ends meet and is resolved to help Esther. The seasoned regular diverts Eric’s attention inside the store before escaping with some infant supplies. But when Eric tries to catch up, he trips and hits his skull on the ground.

Is Eric alright?

When Wendy accuses Bob of having an affair with Bernice, Bob is horrified. The situation worsens when Wendy pours icy cold water on him from an upper floor window.

Bernice, on the other hand, is perplexed when a drenched Bob shows up, but she is furious when Wendy is accused of having an affair with Bob because she thinks Wendy might be going through menopause.

Gabby briefly fires Nicky in the hopes of lighting the spark after realising her status as his supervisor is preventing him from moving things forward. But Nicky is not pleased with her actions and decides to leave.

Jai cautions Suzy against spending time with Leyla and implores Jacob to get in touch with her. While David gets ready to go to court to give up his driver’s licence, Arthur convinces Jacob to help with his LGBTQ+ event.

On February 24, Friday

Lydia encourages Sam to get up (Picture: ITV)

Noah thwarts Amelia’s efforts to contact Samson, and Sam and Lydia hatch a plan to keep the former from spending the rest of his life in prison.

Will begins to warily have faith in Caleb.

But is everything really what it seems? Or is Caleb’s existence in the community hiding something else?

These sequences will be shown during Emmerdale on ITV1 and ITVX on Monday, February 20.

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