Hollyoaks reveals that Diane Hutchinson experiences a sex shock when she kisses Beau Ramsey in a dream.

Following her admission to Tony that she had no affections for him, Diane dreamed in a passionate and sensual manner about having sex with Beau (Picture: Lime Pictures)

In Hollyoaks, Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher) was shocked when, shortly after reprimanding Tony (Nick Pickard) for his outrageous allegations regarding her friendship with his son, she had a dream about kissing Beau Ramsey (Jon-Paul Bell).

After Darren Osborne’s (Ashley Tyler Dawson) casual remark regarding how much time Diane was spending with Beau, Tony became concerned.

As viewers are aware, Diane has been working out with Beau as part of her therapy after having a near-fatal encounter with Eric Foster (Angus Castle-Doughty).

Tony, however, was troubled by Darren’s careless remarks and became suspicious when he noticed his wife spending more and more time with their son. He then accused the two of having an affair.

His claims terrified Diane and Beau, who both told the restaurant owner to “grow up” and accused him of being tyrannical like his stepdad.

An omen of things to come? (Picture: Lime Pictures)

After realising his mistake, Tony was determined to make amends with the two of them, and Beau eventually decided to give him another shot.

Diane wasn’t as understanding, but after dozing off on the couch and having a very passionate dream about Beau, her focus soon turned elsewhere.

She and Beau appeared to be having an affair in the dream, which spectators saw for themselves, and then they began to passionately kiss!

Diane woke from her slumber, horrified by her dream, and rushed out upon realising that Beau was in the room with her.

Is Tony as paranoid as we initially thought? Or is Diane actually starting to fall for dashing Beau? If so, could this be the beginning of a steamy affair?

Hollyoaks continues Thursday February 15 at 7pm on E4 or stream the next episode from midnight on All4. 

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