Spoilers for EastEnders: Two sex shocks, life-altering events, and a lock-in that alters everything

This week on EastEnders is very hectic. (Images via BBC)

As they gather for a lock-in at the Queen Vic, the women of Walford will find out just how fast things can change on this week’s episode of EastEnders.

The highly anticipated anniversary week of the BBC One drama, which was teased in a mysterious trailer earlier this month, is quickly approaching. There will be plenty of surprises and twists that will drastically alter the lives of those who appear.

A passionate and eagerly awaited reunion between Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) and Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) takes place, but the atmosphere quickly shifts after Linda Carter makes a statement (Kellie Bright).

While devising a strategy to keep Lily (Lillia Turner) on the square, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) is left to cope with the chaos that ex-Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott) has left behind.

Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) is avoided by Denise Fox (Diane Parish), but she soon receives an offer she can’t turn down.

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about what EastEnders has in store for the upcoming week (February 20 to 24).

Monday February 20

In a hotly awaited episode, a lock-in has a profound impact on everything (Photo by BBC, Jack Barnes, and Kieron McCarron)

When Linda gets a picture of Shirley and Dean from Carly, her entire world is turned upside down. She sobs in the corridor, and Kathy consoles her. Later, the two discuss the experiences they’ve shared in the past.

Following a passionate reconciliation in The Vic’s restroom, a flustered Sharon and Keanu enter the bar. Denise welcomes them with sarcastic remarks, which makes the other patrons realise what they’ve been up to.

Their joy is short-lived, however, as Linda interrupts and says that Nish and Suki Panesar have made a counter bid for Mick’s share of The Vic. Sharon approaches them after becoming enraged by their deceit.

Eve, who was also wounded by Nish and Suki, storms out of the bar.

Keanu and Sharon get back together (Image: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

When Sam leaves Keanu a voicemail hinting at their romance in Spain, Sharon is distraught.

Keanu reluctantly departs The Vic after Sharon sends him away, breaking his heart because he might have lost his opportunity with her.

Meanwhile, Kat Slater receives Phil’s blessing to put off their nuptials until Christmas Day.

Denise meets a disoriented Jack Branning at The Vic for a drink. Denise feels uncomfortable as Ravi arrives and gives Jack a kiss to make a point with him.

Jack, however, must depart early due to work obligations, giving Denise the chance to approach Ravi, who declines because he doesn’t want to take advantage of her while she’s intoxicated.

Angered, Denise commands him to leave and then turns to Sharon for guidance as she desperately tries to justify her emotions for Ravi.

Denise lashes out and makes him leave. Later, she turns to Sharon for guidance as she looks covertly for confirmation of her feelings for Ravi.

The women of Walford retire to a lock-in after a busy evening where they chat about their shared experiences and whine about the males in their lives. But it soon becomes clear that anything can happen in an instant, shattering lives as a result.

Tuesday February 21

Visits Fox & Hair by Ravi (Image: BBC)

After an exciting night, Sharon, Denise, and Stacey wake up in The Vic to Kathy and Eve bringing them food. They are all quite hungover.

Before Jack departs for his business conference, Denise rushes to meet him and gives him a passionate kiss in front of No. 27 while Ravi watches.

Ravi initially places himself forward to get closer to Denise, but Kim is looking for a Walford man to participate in her livestream event.

At Fox & Hair, Denise becomes agitated in Ravi’s presence, and after some stern words, a remorseful Ravi chooses to skip Kim’s event. After reconciling with Denise, Ravi goes to No. 27 and invites her to spend the next night with him at a motel.

Unhappy Keanu runs into Sharon in the cafe and is shocked when she spills some dirty laundry. Later, Kim approaches Keanu during his first doorman duty at Peggy’s to invite him to join her livestream. Keanu steps in to save the day after some convincing and is a great success up until shocked Sam shows up.

After speaking with Kat, Sharon calls Keanu to confess her continued love for him. She then begs Phil for guidance on Nish after learning the two have recently conducted business together.

Bernie frets about Kat’s future at the cafĂ©, and Karen worries when she has to cut back on her hours at the laundromat.

In the meantime, Freddie and Bobby organise a pancake-eating contest to raise some additional money.

Wednesday February 22

Keanu and Sharon consent to a meeting. (Image: BBC)

Ravi and Denise enjoy a passionate kiss in the alleyway of The Vic after trying in vain to avoid each other, and Denise decides to meet him later at the hotel.

After waking up, Keanu receives Sharon’s message. Sharon and Keanu set their differences aside and decide to go on a date that night over at No. 43.

Suki accuses Karen of stealing after she accidentally leaves the Minute Mart without paying while she is preoccupied with a phone conversation. After a heated argument, Mitch and Karen swear they’ll never go shopping at the Minute Mart again.

Linda is conflicted about selling Mick’s share of The Vic, but she decides to make a covert phone call after hearing some sage advice from Patrick.

on February 23rd.

Eve observes distantly. (Image: BBC)

Suki is persuaded by Nish to apologise to Karen in an effort to maintain their good standing with the Walford inhabitants.

Eve observes from a distance before going to the Minute Mart to see how Suki is doing.

These sequences will be shown on EastEnders every Monday at 7:30 p.m. on BBC One.

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