Spoilers for Emmerdale: Cain and Caleb team up to defeat Will as a sinister mystery approaches

Team, go! (Image from ITV)

In Emmerdale, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) and Caleb Milligan (William Ash) are already at odds since the slick-talking businessman has spent no time in winding Will up after doing business with Kim (Claire King). Will is enraged by Caleb’s behaviour at Home Farm because he perceives the newcomer as undermining him.

Will and Cain had a fight in tonight’s episode when Will offered to take Kyle (Huey Quinn) and Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall) to the playground while Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) ran errands. Cain is a witness to Kyle’s shooting of Al Chapman, so it is a condition of the boy’s bail that he shouldn’t have any contact with his father until after his hearing. Amy had given Will strict instructions that Cain wasn’t to go near Kyle (Michael Wildman).

Will put his foot down and Cain and Will got into a heated argument when Cain showed up close to the playground and Kyle noticed him.

When Caleb showed there, he removed Cain from the scene, defusing the tension. Caleb reassured Cain that this was not the case, as he had been concerned that Amy was putting distance between him and his son. In the meantime, Amy was deciding whether to pursue sole custody of Kyle after the case is resolved. Amy knows that Cain will be furious with her decision, so she won’t be telling him directly; instead, she will leave it to her attorneys.

Returning to today, Moira’s (Natalie J. Robb) sage advice caused Cain to consider if he should temper his behaviour for everyone’s sake or risk losing Kyle forever. Cain went up and apologised for the earlier argument at the playground when he and Caleb later ran into Will in the Woolpack.

Will should have known that Cain Dingle’s excuses are as scarce as hen’s teeth and should have graciously accepted them, but of course he didn’t. He only riled Cain up once more and branded him a “headcase.” When Caleb noticed that things were about to begin, he came over. “He is here.” Will said, “Other Chuckle Brother. He informed the brothers that they were not permitted to abuse him. “Anytime you want to try, I’m ready.”

At that point, Cain appeared poised to strike him, so Caleb moved him out of the way with caution. Cain hasn’t given up on Will Taylor, though.

Don’t worry, he reassured his brother. He will receive what is due to him.

Will appears to need to keep an eye on Cain, and we are aware that Cain doesn’t waste any time in exacting revenge.

But given that Caleb appears to be actively pursuing Home Farm, isn’t Cain unintentionally advancing his own plan against Will?

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