The dead corpse disaster for Bob and Bernice, according to Emmerdale actor Tony Audenshaw

What do you do when you find a body in your bed? (Image via ITV)

The next thing you know, you’re in the midst of a freak weather event, running for cover as trees come crashing down and caravans fly through the village, and someone is dead in a bed after having sex. No, this is not a journal entry from us; Tony Audenshaw’s character Bob Hope in Emmerdale simply does this.

While dealing with the menopause has left Bernice (Samantha Giles) feeling unattractive and single for some time, she seizes the opportunity to get a little flirtatious when she senses a small spark with a harpist recruited to perform at the B&B opening in upcoming episodes. On the eve of the major B&B event, she approaches the man right away and he agrees without hesitation.

On the day of the grand opening, Bernice wakes in her B&B bedroom next to her harpist lover Tim. She briefly experiences complete ecstasy, but when she realises she has drastically overslept, the blissful post-coital afterglow is abruptly cut short.

As the gathering begins, Bernice is preoccupied when Bob enters and announces some shocking news: the harpist has passed away.

Are the cops called? The corpse is it moved? Tony Audenshaw recently asked us, “What do they do?,” in reference to these unexpected situations involving Bob and Bernice.

He is totally baffled by it and has no idea what to do. He then orders her to “Go downstairs and you clear the visitors,” but she doesn’t do anything while he waits. So, when he descends again, a Hotten Courier reporter is waiting for him. Jimmy and Nicola are there enjoying a drink as everyone is having a wonderful time. And he asks, “What’s happening?” And she simply lost herself in the excitement of it all.

Tony continued, reflecting on the new dynamic between these two characters as they take on the B&B, “I think he sees Bernice as a good businesswoman and she’s got a lot of good ideas and she’s got half the money, which I think is important as well.”

She is enthusiastic about it, which is lovely, and he is as well. It’s positive that they are both enthusiastic about it. I believe he’s up for it, but he has his reservations about her because she bosses him around and wants one thing while he wants another.

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