Soap & Spoilers EastEnders EastEnders star Diane Parish reveals Ravi’s sex invite gets Denise’s blood pumping

EastEnders star Diane Parish reveals Ravi’s sex invite gets Denise’s blood pumping

Denise is asked by Ravi if she wants to stay the night with him at a hotel (Picture: BBC)

When Ravi asks Denise to join him at a hotel, the long-brewing flirtation between the two characters on EastEnders—Ravi Gulati, played by Aaron Thiara, and Denise Fox, played by Diane Parish—could be on the verge of becoming a passionate relationship.

Denise is undoubtedly drawn to the idea, according to Diane Parish.

“What the hell is this man even thinking?” she exclaims. she revealed.

’ She does, however, have a small portion of her that remarks, “Wow, some excitement!” It’s distinct in some way. She finds it to be mischievous and the covert nature of it makes her heart race. It also gives her the chance to focus on something other than Amy (Ellie Dadd), Ricky (Frankie Day), Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams), Jordan, Jack (Scott Maslen), and everything else that has been swirling around her. That hotel key card, which contains everything related to this, is something that pertains to her. Given that it’s their little secret, the enthusiasm is concealed.

Will Denise, however, give in to the pull she undoubtedly feels towards Ravi?

No one can ever say, “I wouldn’t do that” or “she wouldn’t be here,” when you portray these roles in this show because anything can happen, Diane noted. “Anything can happen,” and this compels tales to branch out and have an impact on various characters. Drama, excitement, and characters being placed in awkward circumstances are the main themes.

She praised Aaron Thiara’s performance for making it seem possible that Denise might be Jack’s mistress by sleeping with Ravi.

He constantly searches for what’s missing and what the underlying meaning is, she claimed.

He doesn’t overcomplicate things, but by the time a sequence has been shot, the script has been coloured in, if that makes sense. He is a very astute and perceptive performer who has humanised Ravi to the point where he is now more of an archetypal villain. In order for him to have had any opportunity or hope that Denise would turn her head away from Jack, he had to do that. Being a fantastic actor, Aaron is very generous in bringing all of that to the stage.

But despite the possibility of peril and excitement presented by Ravi, Denise is conflicted because of her devotion to Jack. Denise has found herself in a position where she wishes her husband paid her the same attention she does from Ravi, and Diane described it as a crisis in her life and a crisis in her relationship.

That is essentially what Denise would want, if anything.

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