Emmerdale spoilers. Wendy is devastated to hear that Bob has had sex with Bernice

And she acts accordingly! (Images via BBC)

In upcoming Emmerdale episodes, Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) experiences a passionate night, but it has a variety of negative effects on a number of people, not the least of which is Wendy (Susan Cookson), who believes that her partner Bob (Tony Audenshaw) was the one keeping Bernice’s bed warm for the night.

The subject of Bernice’s affections is actually a man named Tim, a harpist who Bernice recruited to provide the elegant entertainment for the grand opening of the B&B, which Bernice and Bob are now the owners of.

Bernice is drawn to Tim the harpist for more reasons than just the fact that he plays a 47-stringed instrument (yes, we did the research), and they will soon be making their way up to one of the B&B’s guestrooms. She is happy when she wakes up the following morning, but her happiness is short-lived when she realises she has slept too much and has a lot of work to do for the opening day event.

Harpist Tim fails to show up as Bernice and Bob wait for their first guests, and when Bob goes to search for him, there is bad news: Tim has passed away.

A dead musician on your property is obviously something that needs to be kept a secret from the guests, but as Bob and Bernice discuss how to manage the situation in private, Wendy overhears a portion of their conversation and assumes that Bob and Bernice have been having sex.

Wendy, who is horrified by the news, asks Bob about it. Naturally, he refutes it because it is untrue, but Wendy isn’t buying it and pours ice water over him from an upper window.

Bernice has a hypothesis to account for Wendy’s actions. She believes she may be going through the menopause, a condition Bernice has lately become knowledgeable about.

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