Emmerdale star Samantha Giles quits Twitter over Elon Musk’s latest changes

Samantha Giles is done with using Twitter. (Image via Shutterstock)

With her decision to leave Twitter, Emmerdale actress Samantha Giles is voicing the opinions of one side of the debate regarding the changes that have been made to the social media site since Elon Musk took over.

The most recent change to the rules, which removed mobile phone authentication for security for those who are not subscribers to Twitter Blue, was the final straw for the Bernice Blackstock actor.

I don’t pay for blue ticks, and it says I need to have another form of authentication, like a key or something, which is ridiculous. Think I’ll be leaving Twitter, people! She informed her fans via a tweet.

‘Follow me on Instagram. Sammeegee here. There will be more posts from me.

She was also unimpressed by a three-month free deal to join Apple News that required customers to enter their credit card information.

She chose the choice that said, “Shove it.”

She’s expressing her emotions loud and clear, and she’s not the only one. Many people have expressed their disappointment at being forced to remove mobile authentication or risk “losing access to their account.”

One user, @AhmedSamir89, commented, “I have never seen a social media business charge money for a basic security measure like a two factor authentication before.” “Lmao, this is getting absurd.”

Stop, said user @TomTaylorMade. If I don’t pay, it will be simpler to break into my account. It feels very extortionate to remove two-factor verification unless I pay them money.

Currently, authentication apps can be used as a log-in security tool.

The most recent push for Twitter Blue was made after it was revealed that “only 180,000 users in America” had signed up; Musk’s business needs 15 million users to pay $8 per month in order to break even.

Additionally, the recent spate of disruptions hasn’t helped.

Samantha, an ITV personality, recently sparked controversy of her own on Twitter by making remarks about plastic surgery.

Why is trying to appear young such a big deal? she asked in her letter.

“There’s nothing wrong with trying to look your best, wearing makeup, etc., but isn’t having surgery to attempt to go back in time cheating?” What kind of message is it sending to other women, too?

“In my view, an ironed face ruins the appeal of the personality and life lessons you’ve acquired. Let’s honour everyone’s age because beauty exists in skin that is 20, 40, 60, and beyond!

Additionally, Samantha has made use of the stage to discuss menopause symptoms, a topic that is also covered by Bernice, the character she plays on Emmerdale.

Samantha is very busy on Emmerdale at the moment, as Bernice takes over the B&B with Bob (Picture: ITV)

Bernice’s struggles with other symptoms, including hot flashes, were visible to viewers. She was inspired by friends and family to seek medical assistance, and she was able to begin taking HRT as a result.

She and Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) will take over the B&B in a future tale, but the big debut is somewhat derailed when Bernice wakes up next to a dead harpist after they share a bed.

It’s been wonderful to work sort of as a double act, says actor Tony, who is full of praise for Samantha. “Obviously I’ve known Sam a long time, and we’ve had the odd bit and piece together.”

“It began with the storm-related issues from the previous year, when we had the clean-up, and it kind of started then.” It has been excellent.

When you’re working with someone and there’s a little bit of a comedic dynamic going on, it’s always pleasant. She is a pleasure to deal with.

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