Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Coronation Street spoilers. Evil stalker Justin’s next unsettling move ahead of shock acid attack story

Coronation Street spoilers. Evil stalker Justin’s next unsettling move ahead of shock acid attack story

Justin is ‘laser focused’, according to Andrew Still, who plays him (Picture: ITV)

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) received a surprise gift: otter-themed bridal favours because “otters are the cutest.” But when the bartender received a call from her stalker, Justin, shortly after, the innocent package ended up causing her a great deal of anguish (Andrew Still).

Daisy’s phone number was printed on the outside of the package when he delivered it, and he noted this.

For Daisy, who has already been annoyed by unwanted floral deliveries and other contacts from the deluded Justin, it was yet another intrusion. And it’s the beginning of an increase in his compulsive behaviour that will have terrible repercussions for Daisy.

Later this week, when Daisy notices Justin loitering in the area of the street with a bouquet of flowers, she tries to take things into her own hands. She throws the flowers to the ground out of rage that he still doesn’t seem to understand that she doesn’t want his attention, and when Justin touches her arm to try to settle her down, she turns red and punches him.

She has never engaged in that kind of altercation, so she is not a violent individual. Daisy doesn’t actually hurt herself; she just cuts with her words. She isn’t just yelling at you. According to Charlotte Jordan, it’s self-defense. Even though she feels helpless and has no control over the circumstance, she has some control over who physically touches her. The only thing she feels she has any degree of influence over is that.

To ensure that the tale is told sensitively and accurately, Women’s Aid and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust have collaborated with Coronation Street on this plot. Saskia Garner, the director of policy and campaigns at the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, informed us that Justin’s behaviour is remarkably typical of what they observe.

We know from our research that when one party, typically the stalker, accepts that the other person isn’t going to participate in the relationship they want, it can be a true trigger for an escalation in violence and aggression towards the victim because they realise they’ve lost control.

How are they going to get back in control? Can they impose some sort of punishment on that individual for failing to live up to their idealistic expectations for the direction that they believe that relationship should take?

In Justin’s case, it serves as the catalyst for catastrophic violence as he assaults Daisy with acid, which is not at all unusual given that the UK has one of the highest rates of reported acid attacks in the entire world.

Corrie began shooting scenes for Daisy and Daniel’s wedding earlier this month. The bride was notably absent as Rob Mallard (Daniel), Sally Ann Matthews (Jenny), and other actors dressed in wedding attire. Could Justin have planned his malicious assault to coincide with the wedding?

Unsettlingly, Andrew Still, who portrays Justin, recently informed us that Justin will do anything for Daisy.

He is intensely concentrated. I believe he will take whatever actions he deems essential, the man said. He’s expecting it to proceed in the manner of a rom-com, which clearly does not occur, and that is a component of his delusional thinking. He simply has Daisy in his full attention and doesn’t see anyone else. He simply sees Daisy’s neighbours as challenges to be surmounted.

Charlotte Jordan, meanwhile, is pleased to be involved in a plot that is addressing such a weighty problem.

Because it’s a hot topic right now, I believed it to be a really essential story to share. I’m all for anything that can be demonstrated to alter public perceptions of, say, victim blaming and similar issues and bring them to light.

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