Emmerdale spoilers: Suicide trauma as broken Paddy prepares to take his own life in sad scenes

Paddy loses hope (Picture: ITV)

When Paddy (Dominic Brunt), who is suffering from depression, decides to commit suicide in Emmerdale, tragic events await him.

He recently raised concerns by disappearing without a trace, prompting his loved ones to launch a massive search and contact the police for assistance. He was located at a B&B, but he was reluctant to be discovered.

The family is shocked to see Paddy return through the door carrying his overnight bag after a fruitless search and struggle to maintain optimism. Marlon (Mark Charnock) is a complex character who is simultaneously enraged and pleased. Chas (Lucy Pargeter) is less sympathetic and is merely irritated at what Paddy has made them go through, giving no attention to what she has also made him go through.

His return appears to be a happy event, but there is a sinister explanation for it.

There are tears all around when Bear (Joshua Richards) comes to reunite Paddy with Eve, and Chas can now see the pain and sadness in Paddy’s eyes.

Paddy expresses his joy at returning home and his joy at seeing his family again. But it becomes evident that this was all a deception when Marlon leaves him alone. A lifeless shell of Paddy’s former personality,

He goes about his day, and to those who choose not to look closer, it looks that he is atoning for his actions. In reality, he made a bad choice, and his friendly conversations are actually farewells.

He gets a note ready for Bear and then departs.

Bear is horrified to find the letter and takes immediate action, leaving Marlon defenceless because he must remain behind. It is now apparent what Paddy plans to do.

But there’s worse to come: Rhona (Zoe Henry) reports that the bolt rifle from the veterinary clinic has vanished. Paddy not only has a strategy, but also the tools to carry it out. The last piece of evidence they require is that a shattered Paddy is preparing to commit suicide.

They move quickly in an effort to track him down, but is it already too late if Paddy doesn’t want to be located?

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