Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen unmasks himself as a killer after overdosing on LSD?

Stephen encounters a minor accident! (Image via BBC)

Viewers will be aware that Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), who has a particular grudge against Carla Barlow, is up to no good in Coronation Street (Alison King).

Stephen decided to get rid of the Underworld supervisor by any means possible after being humiliated by her in front of former business partners and then demoted to office manager.

We were all worried that Carla would end up being his third target since he had already murdered Leo and Teddy Thompkins.

He vowed to merely knock her off her perch, suggesting that he wasn’t ready to go that far this time.

He started giving her LSD in an effort to make her unfit for the work by creating the appearance that her psychosis had returned.

However, when the killer makes a critical error in forthcoming episodes, things could quickly go wrong for him.

Stephen makes the tea as usual while Carla gets ready for the Nippersnapper presentation.

Carla has been receiving Psychedelic drugs from Stephen (Picture: ITV)

When Carla coughs out hers and claims that he used full-fat milk, he is shocked. The boldness!

Stephen comes to the horrifying realisation that he must have given her the incorrect beverage.

Stephen notices he or Sarah (Tina O’Brien) has begun sipping tea from the drugged cup as the three members of the management team do the same.

Later, when Stephen enters the stage at the hotel, it occurs to him that he must have taken the dose when his vision becomes foggy and he starts to perspire heavily.

Will Stephen end up confessing to his crimes in a drug-fueled panic as the journey takes him down memory lane?

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