Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Marcus exits the village after ‘boring’ showdown

Emmerdale spoilers: Marcus exits the village after ‘boring’ showdown

And it’s goodbye to Marcus! (Picture: ITV)

In yesterday’s episode of Emmerdale, Ethan (Emile John) attempted to propose to Marcus (Darcy Grey), but things didn’t go well at all because as soon as the words left his lips, he noticed a strange man coming down his staircase.

Ethan had proposed right after Marcus had been upstairs having sex with an ex, which was either awful timing or brilliant timing.

Therefore, the couple’s situation was not looking positive in tonight’s episode. Marcus apologised by visiting the home. The cheating electrician said, “I’m not even a man who cheats, which is ironic.”

Ethan was undoubtedly unimpressed by this, but Marcus wasn’t looking for a reunion in the first place. He claimed that for some time, the partnership hadn’t felt right; if it had,He reasoned that he wouldn’t have been drawn to someone else. He implied that deep down, “you must feel the same.”

If that had been the case, Ethan argued, then why would he have proposed? Marcus claimed that he made the proposal because he preferred the concept to the actual outcome. He desired a companion with whom to spend Saturday evenings at home and play house.

Our lives have become monotonous, Marcus lamented. You’re a little boring, in truth.


Later, Marcus returned to Tall Trees Cottage, but this time Ethan refused to let him inside and tossed his belongings out the window in its place. And it was obvious that the ‘boring’ remark had infuriated him.

He threw a few shirts at his ex-boyfriend and said, “If we’re going to be cliched, I should be tearing these up first.” How about that for dull?

Marcus was starting to understand that he wouldn’t be pardoned. Ethan commanded him, “Take your things and get the hell out of here.”

Marcus retorted, “With delight.” Marcus’s stay in the village came to an abrupt stop when news broke earlier this month that Darcy Grey had resigned from her position after only a year.

Marcus eventually departed the community, but Ethan was still troubled by his remarks.

Do you consider me to be boring? When Nate (Jurell Carter) was questioned, he wasn’t entirely negative. He responded in a somewhat tepid manner, “It’s never jumped out to me, buddy.” What do I know, though? Naomi claims that I am not a day at the amusement park either.

Because misery enjoys company, Nate, who was recently rejected by Naomi (Karene Peter), invited Ethan along for a pint.

Naomi and Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) entered the Woolpack while they were there enjoying a drink. Because he was enjoying a drink with Ethan, Nate welcomed Naomi and quipped that he was “maybe not so boring.”

Given that she’s spent the last week attempting to motivate him to have some sort of social life, he said to his ex, somewhat implausibly, “Maybe it was you that was making me boring.”

Ethan made the decision to order Jägerbombs to demonstrate how interesting he and Nate were, but Charity wasn’t impressed (Emma Atkins).

Wow, she exclaimed. Alert: 24 Hour Celebration People.

It appears that it will be difficult to shed the reputation of being dull.

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