Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale confirms surprise outcome of ‘sudden death’ story

Emmerdale confirms surprise outcome of ‘sudden death’ story

Bernice was left shaken by the whole event (Picture: ITV)

This evening in Emmerdale, Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), who had been sleeping next to a body, was left speechless.

The shocking information was delivered after Tim the Harpist, who was scheduled to perform at the B&B’s grand inauguration, was woken up by Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw).

Bernice realised that Tim had to have been dead when she had woken up that morning following a passionate night with the musician as he disclosed that Tim had been lying on his back, dead.

When dreadful reviewer Belinda Foxton arrived and made it obvious that she wanted to see the bedrooms, things only got worse for the couple.

Even though Tim’s body was already rotting in Dame Judi Dench, Bernice was determined to give her precisely what she wanted if it meant getting a five star review (the bedroom, not the person).

As Belinda moved towards the door, anticipating the horrors that lie inside, tensions really soared.

Bernice and Bob were startled, though, when the door suddenly opened and Tim the Harpist emerged, clad in a very attractive white outfit appropriate for a purportedly deceased man.

Bernice was fortunate that Tim wasn’t actually deceased and that Bob had the wrong end of the stick.

Everything worked out in the end (Picture: ITV)

He claimed that he overslept as a consequence of taking a sleeping pill to stop Bernice from snoring like a walrus (his words, not ours).

Bob and Bernice could now enjoy their visitors without having to worry about a death occurring on the property.

Of course, they received a five-star rating.

The two of them were enjoying themselves as they drank champagne outside and laughed about Bernice’s antics the previous night.

They laughed when she couldn’t keep her pledge to not act frisky during working hours after Bob had made her promise.

They had no idea that Susan Cookson, Bob’s companion, was listening in and had once again received the short end of the stick.

Let’s hope a dead corpse isn’t discovered in the B&B anytime soon, with Wendy suspecting Bob of cheating!

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