Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Coronation Street star Andrew Still reveals Justin’s end goal with Daisy as sick fantasy takes hold

Coronation Street star Andrew Still reveals Justin’s end goal with Daisy as sick fantasy takes hold

Justin genuinely thinks they are in love. (Image via BBC)

Since he first encountered Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) in Coronation Street, Sinister Justin (Andrew Still) has had his sights set on her.

He has developed a complete obsession with her and even thinks they are dating.

Daisy is terrified by his behaviour, but the performer Andrew Still acknowledges that Justin is blind to the wrongness of his actions.

He recently explained to us, “Regarding his behaviour and something I’ve studied that can happen with stalking, he’s got these repetitive thought patterns and they lead to impulses.”

I don’t believe he wishes to leave them, or perhaps he is blind to the necessity of doing so.

Other characteristics of him include narcissism, his manipulative, jealous, and domineering behaviours, which I don’t believe he would recognise in himself.

Justin arrived at the bridal expo (Picture: ITV)

He probably believes that the universe is out to get him because he is the ideal good guy. In his mind, I believe it justifies a lot of his acts. He simply has this irrational confidence in his romantic fate.

When Justin turned up for Daisy’s appointment to try on wedding dresses at the bridal show, thinking that her social media post was to inform him that she would be waiting there, his delusions became obvious.

According to Andrew, Justin was shocked when their interaction didn’t go as anticipated because he had an expectation of how it would go.

This is an example of his delusional thinking: “When he shows up, he expects it to play out like this rom-com type thing, which clearly doesn’t happen.”

“I believe that when he shows up at the wedding fair, he truly thinks that they are going to run off together.” That is how he initially thinks, but when things don’t turn out that way, he realises he needs to be a little bit more strategic and play a little bit more of a lengthy game.

“For him, an intimacy-seeking stalker, the messages he sends are simply a way for him to express how much he values her. He doesn’t see anything intimidating or menacing in them.

Every message, every interaction he has with her, Andrew continued, “is like a self-gratification experience, so he’s chasing that.”

He is undoubtedly upset by her rejection, but I believe he just views it as a barrier that needs to be overcome before they can be together for good.

An individual who pursues closeness with the target of their stalking is known as an intimacy-seeking stalker. When things don’t go their way, Saskia Garner, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s Head of Policy and Campaigns, says that bloodshed may result.

As she put it, “When they realise that [end goal] isn’t going to happen that can be a real trigger for an escalation in violence and aggression towards the victim because they know they’ve lost control.”

The connection with Daisy is what Justin ultimately wants.

He has a distorted idea of what love is and what a romantic relationship should be, but I believe that is his ultimate objective.

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