Danny Dyer confirms he will return to EastEnders if his new career goes ‘t*** up’

Danny may well return to EastEnders (Picures: BBC/Shutterstoc

Danny might make a comeback to EastEnders. (Images via the BBC/Shutterstock)
Fans of EastEnders, good news: Mick Carter might be coming back!

In a future episode of The Jonathon Ross Show, Danny Dyer will say he’d be amenable to making a comeback to the BBC soap opera.

‘I can go back if [my job] goes to s**t. He says, “I can show up in three years, stroll into the Queen Vic covered in seaweed.

While we have nothing but admiration for Danny’s post-EastEnders career, we can’t help but yearn to see Mick return behind the bar at the Queen Vic.

It would undoubtedly help Linda with a number of her issues (Kellie Bright).

On Christmas Day 2022, Mick Carter was reported missing at sea, breaking the hearts of his adoring admirers all over the country.

Danny stated why Mick’s death has not yet been formally pronounced because his body was never located.

They desired that it remain accessible. I feel very fortunate and appreciative to have that employment. My life and work were truly changed by it.

Danny has travelled to Australia to begin filming for the upcoming four-part Channel 5 drama Heat since departing EastEnders.

The two families at the centre of the action-plot thriller’s are two longtime friends who travel to a remote house for a summer holiday as the Australian bushfire season approaches.

Alongside comedian and Strictly Come Dancing 2022 contestant Ellie Taylor, he will soon be seen hosting the new game show Cheat, which has kept him occupied outside of acting.

So it appears that Danny won’t be ready to take over Mick’s role for a while, but when he is, we will be watching!

ITV and The Jonathan Ross Show will both broadcast on Saturday, February 25 at 9:40 p.m.

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