Emmerdale spoilers: Nicky and Gabby keep a big secret after sex shock

Nicky and Gabriella are a couple. (Image via ITV)

In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, Gabby (Rosie Bentham) and Nicky (Lewis Cope) ultimately caved to temptation even though they had agreed to keep their relationship private.

Gabby has been pursuing nanny Nicky for some time, and to say the least, her tactics for achieving her goals have been morally dubious.

She descended to new depths tonight when she dismissed him so they could share a bed.

The inspiration struck her after Dawn (Olivia Bromley) advised that she should address the boss-employee dynamic before attempting to commit to a relationship with Nicky.

Naturally, Gabby took this advise literally and informed Nicky that he was being temporarily fired in order to level the playing field between them.

Nicky, who was naturally enraged, ultimately decided to leave his position.

It didn’t take him long, though, to return and confess his desire to pursue a relationship with her.

Nicky acknowledged that their passionate love-making session in the living room shouldn’t have occurred and that if the roles had been reversed, he would have been treated much more harshly.

However, this didn’t deter their desire to be together, so they devised a scheme.

They agreed to keep their relationship a secret and that Nicky would carry on working for Home Farm.

Later that night, when Dawn came home and inquired about the status of Gabby and Nicky’s romance, Gabby lied and claimed to have altered her mind.

Nicky was preparing for round two upstairs, but Dawn was unaware of this.

Will they be able to keep it a secret, or will things soon become challenging?

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