Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Paddy’s tragic decision, Arthur’s sad loss, Jai’s shock kiss

Emmerdale spoilers: Paddy’s tragic decision, Arthur’s sad loss, Jai’s shock kiss

Souls on the run in the Dales (Image via BBC)

In the upcoming episode of Emmerdale, beloved characters experience heartbreak and reach their lowest points as the community frets about the future of Paddy Kirk, a damaged man (Dominic Brunt).

As it becomes apparent—possibly too late—that he is saying goodbye after he has left the hamlet, his return is only a momentary solace.

Many are worried about the worst after yet another shocking finding is made about a missing gun.

Paddy may be saved?

As a result of his father’s homophobic behaviour, Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) must say goodbye to Marshall, which causes him pain.

When Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) kisses Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson), the family is further torn apart, angering Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy).

Can the situation be fixed so that Arthur can rise tall and be supported?

Here is a preview of next week.

on February 27th.

Samson blackmails Noah (Picture: ITV)

When a dishevelled Paddy returns carrying a holdall, everyone is shocked. Marlon is silent but heads straight for him. Chas finds Paddy’s actions annoying.

Everyone experiences an emotional reunion when Bear and Eve arrive, and Chas changes when she notices the pain and sadness in Paddy’s eyes.

To get Marlon off his back, Paddy pretends to be happy, but when Marlon departs, Paddy’s façade falls apart because he is left completely abandoned and broken.

When Jai tells Leyla that he can no longer be the one to support her, Suzy agrees to step in and do so, which demoralises Leyla.

When Marshall informs Arthur that his father is sending him to private school, Arthur is in a state of shock.

Marshall plays while denying his emotions for Arthur.Initially, it appeared as though they were just acquaintances.

Wednesday March 1

Paddy comforts a sleeping Eve (Picture: ITV)

Paddy appears to be making up with his family and friends as he goes about his day, but he is really saying his farewell.

Inadvertently getting herself into trouble, Naomi plans a drink with Alex.

When Matty asks Amy if having full custody of Kyle is best for him, he is unable to conceal his internal conflict.

When Mary gets a message from Faye requesting to meet up again, she is thrilled.

Thursday March 2

Cain and Kyle to share a moment (Picture: ITV)

Bear finds the note and finds it horrifying after Paddy leaves. Marlon, who is helpless, is upset as everyone rushes to locate Paddy.

For a terrified Kyle, Amy attempts to maintain her composure before his hearing. Amy was enraged by Cain’s incursion as he forced his way into Keepers to see Kyle because he felt helpless prior to his son’s hearing.

Caleb convinces Amy to give in after realising how crucial it is for Cain and Kyle to have a private time. When Kyle’s attorney calls with some major news, everyone is on edge.

Thursday, March 2

Alex and Naomi flirt outside the cafe (Picture: ITV)

The truth of what Paddy is doing worries them as they hope they can locate him in time when Rhona breaks the horrifying news about the missing bolt gun from the veterinary clinic.

Amy unexpectedly asks Matty to marry her. Matty tells Moira about Amy’s proposal, and while Moira is happy to hear it, she can’t help but notice his unease. Matty confesses his worry that Amy was using the proposal as a ruse to gain complete custody of Kyle.

Later, Moira tries her hardest to calm Cain as he bangs on Amy’s door, frantic to tell her that her scheme to obtain sole custody of Kyle is doomed.

Charles is surprised to see Naomi and Alex out on a date; he worries about what she’s getting herself into. Dawn is completely shocked to see Alex and Naomi flirting outside the café.

As Mary waits for her engagement, Rodney can’t help but flirt with her. As their encounter with Faye continues, Mary grows increasingly enamoured.

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