Coronation Street spoilers: Justin warns Daisy he won’t leave her alone ahead of horrifying acid attack

Justin acknowledged he wouldn’t abandon Daisy alone (Picture: ITV)

Tonight on Coronation Street, things got more complicated for stalker Justin (Andrew Still), who went looking for Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) after dark.

Since he was sure they were in love, Justin has been tormenting a terrified Daisy.

It was only a matter of time before things became physical because Daisy had tried to warn him off numerous times, but to no effect.

In tonight’s episode, actress Charlotte Jordan disclosed that Daisy was horrified when she once more saw Justin on the street.

‘ She storms off to get some fresh air when she sees Justin carrying this bouquet of flowers, which triggers her greatly because that’s how the whole affair started—with a bunch of flowers.

She “sees red” because she feels so alone because no one is comprehending or offering assistance, and she decides to take matters into her own hands by telling the offending party to leave her alone permanently. She is already extremely heightened, so it escalates very rapidly.

To the dismay of Tony Maudsley’s George Shuttleworth, Daisy ultimately punched Justin.

Matters between Daisy and Justin are about to get worse (Picture: ITV)

When Daisy was asked to report to the police station for questioning, things only grew worse for her. She was shocked when they said that Justin had filed a complaint against her for simple attack.

In the end, Justin gave up and dismissed the issue, but it wasn’t over.

When Justin arrived at the bar and insisted on speaking to Daisy, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) was horrified.

She reluctantly consented, and the three of them sat down for a serious discussion during which Daisy again cautioned him off.

It was ineffective because Daisy was unaware that Justin had stayed. He didn’t appear until after the sun had set, shocking her as she was returning home.

She was informed that he was going to give her one final opportunity and that he was aware that she had only spoken those words because Daniel was present.

Daisy put Justin on the defensive by making it abundantly obvious that she was serious and would seek a stalking protection order.

Before he made the terrifying admission that he wasn’t going to do that, she begged him one last time to leave her alone.

As Justin targets Daisy for an acid assault in the upcoming weeks, we are aware that things will worsen even more.

Will he ever be stopped, or is he determined to make Daisy’s existence miserable going forward?

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