Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Broken Sam fears he won’t survive in Emmerdale spoiler video

Broken Sam fears he won’t survive in Emmerdale spoiler video

After stealing from Eric Pollard, Sam Dingle (James Hooton) is in serious danger in Emmerdale (Chris Chittell). A recent spoiler film reveals his fear that he might be sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence.

After pledging to help raise baby Esther, Sam stole a pack of diapers from David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) shop earlier this week.

Sam and Lydia (Karen Blick) are struggling to make ends meet as the expense of living crisis has taken a heavy toll on their family, as it has on many others.

When Eric found Sam in the act and chased him out of the store, things only got worse.

Sam shoved the pensioner away as Eric pursued him, causing him to fall to the ground.

Sam was shocked when he was later taken into custody for theft and assault.

In the latest video, Sam expresses concern over abandoning his family in the event that he is taken to prison, which, given his history, is a very real chance.

Sam is unsure, but Lydia reassures him that they will manage.

Samson’s money from extortion has already been extensively used (Picture: ITV)

Despite what Dingle past would have him believe, he counsels son Samson (Sam Hall) on the importance of being honest and abstaining from crime.

He has no idea that Samson recently experienced a modest windfall of his own, though Sam would undoubtedly find Samson’s manner of obtaining it revolting.

Samson has threatened to avoid the infant Esther in exchange for a portion of his trust money from his cousin Noah (Jack Downham).

Samson received a $2000 deposit after Noah gave his consent.

Will Samson stop using extortion now, or will he do so once he realises the predicament his family is in?

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