Coronation Street spoilers. Killer Stephen rallies calls from Carla’s friends to oust her

Stephen has another thought. (Image via BBC)

Stephen’s got another idea (Picture: ITV)

Next week on Coronation Street, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), who is vying for the Underworld throne, enlists the aid of his coworkers in an effort to discredit Carla Connor (Alison King).

The only reason Carla is ill, as far as we can tell, is because Stephen has begun adding LSD to her drinks. All of this is being done because Stephen wants to start over and become the prosperous businessman he once was. Of course, he’s going about it totally wrong.

The following week, Stephen gathers the company’s employees and stockholders and says a vote of no confidence should be held because Carla isn’t yet ready to assume leadership.

As the week goes on, Stephen proceeds to play cat and mouse by adding LSD to Carla’s coffee before she gives her Nippersnapper presentation.

Stephen, however, realises he gave Carla the incorrect kind of milk when she complains to him that he used full-fat milk in her tea.

Stephen’s eyesight starts to become foggy as the afternoon progresses, and he realises he’s actually taken the drug!

But does this imply that Stephen will reveal his identity?

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