Emmerdale spoilers. Arthur Thomas and Marshall Hamston caught together by homophobic Colin

Next week, Marshall and Arthur are discovered together outside the village centre by Colin, who is trying to keep the two boys apart (Picture: ITV)

Next week in Emmerdale, Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) and Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher) have another intimate moment that is cut short by Colin, a homophobe (Mark Noble).

The adolescent, who came out as gay last year, has let Marshall know how he feels about him and is hoping that Marshall feels the same way. While this was going on, Marshall made fun of Arthur and degraded him, but later he defended him and they shared an emotional moment.

The guys grew closer in later scenes, with Marshall confessing that he really did mean everything he said during the prank and that he was eager to go on a real date with Arthur.

Arthur was surprised, and the two were on the verge of kissing when Marshall got a text from Colin, the father of the councillor who had complained about Arthur’s talk on LGBTQ+ issues at the school.

After that, Marshall cut Arthur off, informing him that their friendship was over, calling being gay “disgusting” and “wrong,” words that were apparently drilled into him by his father.

Despite being rejected, Arthur was still concerned for Marshall’s well-being and so, after a few weeks had past, he re-contacted him in an effort to help Marshall realise that he is not alone.

But Marshall turned down Arthur’s invitation to be pals, repeating his earlier assertion that the two are incompatible.

Arthur delivers a powerful speech as part of LGBTQ+ history month (Picture: ITV)

Laurel applauds her son, as does everyone else (Picture: ITV)

Arthur concentrates on giving a stirring address as part of LGBTQ+ history month the following week. Following the presentation, Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) observes proudly and congratulates her son on his insightful remarks.

However, to Arthur’s delight, Marshall joined Laurel as another familiar figure in the crowd.

Arthur is delighted to see Marshall show up during his speech, and the two boys talk outside the village hall (Picture: ITV)

The two boys share a tender moment in front of the village hall when evil Colin enters. He is displeased to see Marshall spending time with Arthur and taunts him before dragging his son away.

The following day, Arthur is eager for an update, but is shocked to learn that Colin is moving him to boarding school from Marshall.

Colin shows up, fuming to see Marshall in Arthur’s company (Picture: ITV)

Marshall and Arthur are taken aback – with Colin deciding to send his son away to boarding school (Picture: ITV)

Will Arthur be able to convince Marshall that there is more going on than just the two of them being friends? Marshall dismisses his emotions for Arthur and says it was just them being friends.

Is he and Marshall’s relationship really over now? Will their Heartstopper-like relationship be aborted before it even gets going?

Watch this one on ITV1 and ITVX on Monday, February 27 at 7:30 p.m.

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