Emmerdale spoilers: Moira’s horror as Cain makes a shattering decision over Kyle

Will anything alter? (Image via BBC)

Will anything alter? (Image via BBC)

In upcoming Emmerdale episodes, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is horrified when his son Kyle (Huey Quinn) gets into trouble once more and there is a very real possibility that the cops will get involved.

When a fight breaks out between two of the boys, Kyle is playing with Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) and Jimmy’s son Carl (Charlie Munro Joyce). Threatening to contact the police, Nicola reiterates her belief that Kyle poses a threat to the neighbourhood because he shot Michael Wildman’s character Al Chapman.

Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and Cain are painfully conscious of what that might imply for Kyle, who is still charged with Al’s murder. Even though they have been at odds over who gets custody of their son, they band together to attempt to talk Nicola out of calling the police.

After Amy eventually convinces Nicola to change her mind, Cain realises that because of his own violent history, the community holds him responsible for Kyle’s actions. He makes a significant choice and shares it with Moira because he believes he has only been a negative influence on his son.

When Cain tells Moira that he believes Kyle should be with Amy and that he should stop talking to Kyle because he is such a negative influence on the boy, Moira is even more horrified. He believes Amy should leave the community and take Kyle with her so they can start over elsewhere.

Because she adores Kyle as if he were her own son, Moira is devastated. Naturally, we saw that Kyle struggled from not speaking with his father when Cain was not allowed to see Kyle as a condition of his release.

Will Cain’s opinion evolve? Or is Kyle going to be lost to him forever?

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